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amenity spaces

For everyone to enjoy
Co-working Area
Communal Lounge
Communal Kitchen
Reception Desk

The lounge

The perfect spot to chill out or catch up with your local residents. Interior designed to for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

a lounge chair in front of a large window in a hotel lobby

Kitchen & co-working area

Enjoy having a natter over a nice strong cuppa? The kitchen is your place! It’s also where we host MANY coffee and pastry mornings.

You can also grab a seat at our mini co-working desks.

a wooden table in a restaurant with chairs and a plant
an empty meeting room with chairs and a long table
a kitchen with a long counter and bar stools


Our courtyard is a lovely spot to get some fresh air.

Or you could take a seat, relax and soak up some sun (when it’s occasionally out!).


It’s nice to have someone say ‘Have a lovely day!’ as your leave for work, right? And a place to have all of your packages delivered…

the lobby of a building with a reception desk and a door

What our residents
like the most

"They really make the place like home! The facilities are getting better all the time and I am looking forward to the new yoga space."

Andrew, Resident at Sherborne Place


"The concierge services are good, friendly and available throughout the day; with security after closing hours."

E A, Resident at Sherborne Place


"The flat is modern, warm (which will hopefully help with keeping the electricity cost low) and spacious."

PP, Resident at Sherborne Place


amenity spaces