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Discover a new
way of renting

Be at home

at Sherborne Place

Our neighbourhood offers a cosy communal lounge, co-working space and a concierge team on-hand 24/7. And it’s all just a hair’s breadth away from the city centre.
Choose from our modern brand new one- or two-bedroom apartments, each featuring a fully fitted kitchen including a dishwasher and spacious en suite and/or bathroom. Whether you bring your own furniture or rent a fully furnished apartment, you’ll feel right at home, right away.

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Get comfortable and
imagine yourself here

1 Bed
Spacious Apartment
2 Beds
Comfort and Style
3 Beds
Newly Renovated

Just some of ourneighbourhood perks

At ila, you’re part of a community, not just a building.

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Our team will treat you like family

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Purrfectly pet friendly apartments

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Make your apartment truly yours

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Here to help, when you need them

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Live and work online without a hitch

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Residents' Lounge, Co-working Space and Canal-side paths

a picture of a calendar and a glass of wine

Puppy yoga or resident parties - you control the calendar

a car parked next to a parking meter

Limited number of car parking spaces available to rent

Escape the ordinary with
a floorplan that fits your lifestyle

Choose from 40 different floorplans at Sherborne Place - each customised to suit different budgets and living spaces.

Exclusively Designed


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the local gems

Just beyond Sherborne Place, a whimsical adventure awaits. Stroll through the enchanting Brindley Place, where canals weave their stories. Savour culinary delights at nearby restaurants or feel the energy of Broad Street's vibrant scene.

With less than 10 minutes to Birmingham's city center, your playful urban escapade is just a step away.

a woman sitting on a couch holding a cup of coffee

Meet the team -
your first friends in
the neighbourhood

Get ready to meet the coolest crew in town - your on-site team. With their warm smiles and friendly personalities, they're always ready to lend a helping hand. From recommending the best local spots to fixing a dripping tap, these superstars have got you covered. Get ready to feel right at home with your neighbourhood team.

Frequently asked

We understand you may have questions. Find answers on things like payments, post and pets on our FAQ page. We’ll explain how to book a viewing, which documents you need to join one of our neighbourhoods, or how to report a maintenance issue.