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amenity spaces

Luxury amenity spaces

*Available at select neighbourhoods.
Co-working Areas
Focus Booths
Large Meeting Room
Communal Kitchens
Coffee Machine
Flatscreen TVS
Reception Desk


We love to throw a good rooftop party whenever we can. But for those quieter moments, you can just chill out, take in the views and soak up some sun. Or you could invite your mates over to show it all off…

a lounge chair in front of a window in a hotel lobby

Co-working areas – and lots of them!

Whether you need an entire meeting room, a private cubby hole or prefer a more open and sociable space to work in – we’ve got you covered.

Or, you could just take your laptop upstairs and ‘work’ on a roof-terrace!

a wooden table with chairs and a plant on it
a conference room with a long table and chairs


Is that sofa big enough? We think so!
We’ve often got a variety of chill out areas, so that our residents can hang out and relax or catch up with their mates.

a living room with couches and a coffee table
a living room with a blue couch and a table
a kitchen with a long counter and some bar stools


Love to cook? Or have a natter over a nice strong cuppa?

The kitchen is your place! It’s also where we host MANY coffee and pastry mornings.

Reception areas

It’s nice to have someone call ‘Have a lovely day!’ as your leave for work, right? And a place to have all of your packages delivered…

the lobby or reception area of a hotel with a reception desk

What our residents
like the most

“They really make the place like home! The facilities are getting better all the time and I am looking forward to the new yoga space."

Andrew, Resident at Sherborne Place


“Really impressive rooftops. Absolutely love the office-style area and communal kitchen/living area.”

Hannah, Resident at Hairpin House


“The facilities are great especially for those who work at home or students, they have a quiet comfortable space to complete work. Also spaces to socialise with friends/family."

Roisin, Resident at Pall Mall Press


Now let’s check out the apartments…

We’ve got beautiful interiors and modern appliances, so why not take a look!